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Alternative Energy Development

Whether your project involves the design and installation of a major renewable energy system, or you require an energy consultant to assess your organization’s energy saving potential, our highly qualified team offers a professional service to maximize your success. Strategic advisory services are augmented by a team of professionals that can provide a full range of services to meet the client’s needs.

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Project Management, Planning & Support

N-Sci Technologies has consistently demonstrated its ability to provide a full range of services including advisory services, design, construction, procurement and development of virtually any energy project.

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Metering Services

As a privately owned metering services provider, N-Sci Technologies Inc. is uniquely positioned to provide a full package of metering related services. N-Sci Technologies Inc.’s metering staff brings a wealth of knowledge gained through decades of service throughout the electrical industry. Whether you need Retail or Wholesale metering services, N-SCi's expereinced staff can provide a turn-key solution.

N-Sci Technologies Inc.

Founded in 2003, is an energy industry focused consultancy providing a broad range of services to generators, utilities and large users. The main aspects of those services are:   engineering and project management; project development; regulatory support; demand side management; and safety, health and environmental services.